Tips for Surviving Comic Con New Orleans!

Get your Geek On Folks!  It's time for Wizard World and New Orleans Comic Con!

This year's event is scheduled for February 7 - 9 at the Morial Convention Center.

This convention is not the same in New Orleans as it is in other cities.  New Orleans is full of excitement, friendly smiles, old-time jazz, delicious food, Mardi Gras and a soulful, rich culture!   What better place to express your Geek-ness than a place known for its originality and self expression!  So, here are my tips for having an out-of-this-world experience at the New Orleans Comic Con!

1.  Buy your tickets for entry, autographs, photo-ops online in advance.    At-the-door prices are higher, you will be waiting in line, and you might not be able to get the tickets you want if they sell out.  The star list is amazing, from The Walking Dead cast to Stan Lee to Matt Smith's first Dr. Who post show appearance!  Get your tickets now!  HERE

2.  Arrive early!  This is New Orleans, and this is a big pop-culture convention, and this is Mardi Gras:  it will be crowded!  So, get there early to get your parking spot and good seats at events.  You can find details on parking HERE.

3.  Bring Money!   There will be lots of vendors and opportunities that you don't want to miss.  The Convention Center does have an ATM, but the fees for their use is high!  Set your budget and bring cash if you can.  The Convention Center policy is for all drinks to be bought on site:  I know we all try to sneak our drinks and snacks in, but be prepared for backpack searches and the possibility of buying your bottled water on site.

4.  Have Fun!  This is the place and the city for you to make your geek statement, dress up and have fun !  

But, don't take my word for it - see the fun that my friends Susan and Angela had last year!
Ghost Busters!
I always thought Susan had a thing for Bad Boys...
Local Flavor!
My Ultimate Mash Up!  Awesome Angela!
It Takes All Kinds!
I hope to see you there!  I will be in costume... find me if you can!
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